Monday, January 2, 2017

Desafío de cinco millas

Hey nerds! Look at me, I'm blogging! Many fascinating things have happened since the last time we met in the dark underworld of the internet birdosphere. For one, the Cubs won the world series! On a side note, I bested the notorious Seagull Steve and others in fantasy baseball, which not only provided me the funds to drink myself into a reckless stupor, but gave me bragging rights for an entire year based solely on the fact that I dorked out on sabermetrics regarding holds, outfield assists, and sacrifice bunts. In other news, I left my old job and started a new one. Oh, and I got a first pressing of Rocket to Russia from a friend of mine. Big things happening here in the ATX.

American Pipit in a decidedly un-pipit like pose.

Sabine's Gull. In central Texas.

Lesser Nighthawk. #goodbird
Anyways, I'm not here to tell you about my fascinating and scandalous adventures. I'm here because a gauntlet has been thrown down. Now, if you guys know me, you know that I am historically a very passive and non confrontational soul. I don't easily get riled, and the red mist does not often envelop my face like a west Texas thunderstorm. But, you should know that when I am directly challenged, I will face it with the force of one thousand suns. So, when and Seagull Steve and Flycatcher Jen (whom recently resurrected her blog, and trust me, it's one of the best things on the internet) recently came to me with the notion of a 'five mile challenge', I naturally said, "Fuck you! You're not my real dad, Jeff!" and vowed to violently defeat the both of them by any and all means at my disposal (except stringing, what do I look like, a Jeopardy contestant or something?).

Zebra Heliconian

Julia Heliconian

So yeah, here's the deal. On January 7th (or maybe the 8th, weather depending), Steve, FJ, and myself will have 24 hours to bird the five mile circles directly surrounding our respective residences. While the location of my bed does afford me the ability to walk to the best old-fashioneds in Austin, it does not do me many favors as far as diversity of bird life. I have a little bit of river access, but my circle is mostly filled with Whataburgers and the UT campus. Regardless, I feel that I can be somewhat competitive, and if not, fuck it. At least I'll be out looking at birds. So, mark your calendars, nerds. Shit is going down
. Full report to be expected from three different bird blogging nerds who have all seen each other do embarrassing shit. Be ready.

Oh, and there are pictures of things in here.


  1. Such resurrected vengeance as the world of 2017 has not yet seen...
    5-mile records will be shattered.

    I would like to formally exhort you all to take the 24-hour mark seriously here--let's see some really spooky nocturnal shit.
    Bonus points for diurnal birds photographed at night?

  2. Looks like Seagull Steve is going to have some rough weather wether its the 7th or 8th. Might help you out a bit. Good luck.

  3. Good to see your blog back in action. What is the over-under on your ratio of old fashioneds consumed to bird species seen while in your radius?