Friday, March 7, 2014

Port A Mega Post!

Life in the doldrums gets rough. Same birds, day after day after day. Ring-necked Duck...Yellow-rumped Warbler...Least Sandpiper. You've got to break that shit up, you know? Fortunately, the times they are a changin'. Golden-cheeked Warblers should be here by Sunday. Migrant shorebirds are arriving. Shit's about to get real.

But what to do before this shit goes down?  What about these times when you are no longer stimulated by Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Orange-crowned Warblers?  Your flaccid binoculars dangle around your neck, while you dare not dream of what lies beyond.  Well, you've got to get out there.  Mix that shit up.  And what is the birding equivalent to Viagra?  Port. Fucking. Aransas. Fuck man, down there, a mere three and a half hours away, you'll get into some shit that will never turn up back at home.  Trust me...

Clapper Rail - Recommended by 5 out of 5 nerders to break the winter birding doldrums.
The less often seen "skinny" dimension.  They're as thin as a...fuck, how's that go?
Rails are not comfortable being vulnerable and visible.  They must know that they look awkward as fuck.
Black-bellied Plover - Why would I put this relatively unimpressive photo here?  Well, those black armpits (axillaries) are distinctive.  Fun field mark.
Long-billed Dowitchers - And the reason for this study in brown and gray?  Because I've never photographed Dowitchers before.   I'm jazzed.
American Coot - so I saw Scott Carpenter post an image of coot feet on his blog, and I had to get that shot.  Unoriginal?  Most definitely.  But those feet are fucking crazy.
First Green Heron of the year. It's a refreshing bird to have back in my life. 
Closeup of a Green-winged Teal.  Fucking finally.

Smorgasbord of birds. 10 points if you can name the one above the Black-necked Stilt on the right.
Cooper's Hawk
American White Pelican - That horn mean it's almost time to plow. 
Mottled Duck - Yea, that's about it. 
Ruddy Turnstone - I never get used to how fucking weird this bird looks.

Great Blue Heron
Peregrine Falcon - taken from a moving car.  I reckon that lunch is a Mourning Dove.
And of course...alligators.
The soundtrack for the writing of this post has been The Antlers - Hospice.  I forgot how heartbreaking and beautiful this record is.

That's it for now, nerds.  Slaty-backed Gull chase this weekend.  Huzzah!


  1. Wow, you shattered the doldrums! A post filled to the brim with great shots. The rail is awesome, the teal close ups rock, and the plover armpits~who knew! I just returned from a short trip to (west) Texas; good times!

    1. Thanks. Can't wait to see what you got in West Texas. That place is amazing.

  2. Geez man this post is loaded.

    I have also been long frustrated with Teal (all three really, but Green-wunged most of all) as they're so uncommon and yet so unsatisfactorily photographed. Way to break your duck here and smash the shit out of it.

    Great stuff. You breaking your doldrums helps the rest of us too.

    P.S. that backwards bird behind the BNST is an AMWI totes obvi. I would like to save my 10 points and continue to save them until I can afford a prize from the prize drawer.

    1. I'm afraid I'll have to deduct three points for using the words "totes" and "obvi".

      Thanks for the teal props. It's been a long time coming between me and that bird.