Monday, February 17, 2014

On Call Birding

On call birding kind of sucks.  On call life kind of sucks.  I don't take call too often, so it's not the end of the world or anything, but taking call fucks with your freedoms.  For instance, while I was pissing around Austin this weekend, my friends were successfully chasing a Slaty-backed Gull near Laredo.  And I was here, looking at Shovelers and Coots.  Anyways, enough of this complaining.  Call ended yesterday and Neutral Milk Hotel is happening tonight.  Things do not get better than this.  Here's some shit I saw around town this week.

Pied-billed Grebe - I feel that this is a very "grebe" looking pose.
Ring-necked Duck 
Great-tailed Grackle - Pictures of Grackles.  This is what being on call has lowered me too. 
Okay, so this is weird.  I'd never seen a Gadwall will purple in its head before.

Northern Shoveler
And a lady. 
White-winged Dove - Taken for granted in Texas, but the orbital ring and iris are pretty remarkable.  Used to be "accidental" in Travis county. 
Red-shouldered Hawk 
Rusty Blackbirds

The Rustys are one of the better birds in the county right now.  This is the third winter they've been at Hornsby.  I took a video of them.


  1. Seems like the RUBBs are a pretty solid find, and very nicely documented too.
    Likewise, you crushes your some ducks. I enjoy the male Gadwalls with their subtle purple, and would go so far as to say it's an underrated duck with a very mysterious name.

    I didn't know NMH was still doing shows and such--that's awesome to hear. Austin brings some serious shit to the table I guess.

    It stings the birding sensibilities to say, but your Grackle shot is tops. Way to take a trash bird and make it a gem, to make diamonds from coal.

  2. Yea, the Rustys are good birds. It's the same flock the last three years, but who knows if they'll be back again next year, and if not, when would I have a chance to hang out with them again? Big fan.

    NMH has started sporadic touring again, after 15 or so years in Salinger-esque hiding. Aeroplane is my favorite album of all time. The show was amazing.

    Much appreciate the Grackle props. They're pretty fucking magnificent, when they're not looking/acting all ratty.

  3. Here here. I was in an NMH cover band in high school (Electric Milk Hotel) and we'd do shows at First Friday in Phoenix every couple months. It was a ball.

    Have a good week man. Something good is going to drop on you this weekend--fortune cookies say so.