Monday, February 3, 2014

A Vagrant, A Hybrid, and Other Stuff

And here we are again with our recurring random birds post.  No distinct narrative here, no musings on life and birds.  This post is just cool shit that I've seen around lately; shit that won't fit into its own post.  I think the idea of the potpourri post, if you will, is a good metaphor for a monthly cleansing.  Not necessarily like a juice cleanse or anything.  Maybe purging is a better term.  You know, you go to work, pay your bills, feed yourself, shit like that for a month.  You can easily get lost in the rut of that world.  But then, every once in while, you go out and tie one on.  Stay up way too late drinking with your buddies, and spend the next day recovering.  It can be great, brutal, or both at the same time.  But the next day, you get up, feel like death, and use that as a reason to get your shit together.  And then you're good for another month.  Regain perspective, remember what's important to you, rinse and repeat until the next time.  Maybe that's just me, or maybe it's a mid 30's thing.  No idea.  Anyways, I recognize that tying that concept into a post about random birds is quite a stretch, but I've got stream of consciousness thing going here, so that's how it's going to be.

And now...onto the birds.

American Bittern - Ah, who doesn't love this bird?  Rarely generous with the looks, this bird was an exception to the rule.
Easy bird for most who wanted it.  Spent about a week giving good looks in the evenings.
The last thing many a frog will ever see.
Burrowing Owl - life bird for Dude, who you may remember from the last post.

Ring-billed Gull - I don't understand what it was doing with its wings.  It looked very uncomfortable.
Ash-throated Flycatcher - weird overwintering bird.  Wasn't expecting a Myiarchus on my year list in January.
Short-eared Owl - shit picture of a cool bird. 
Great Horned Owl
This primary goal of this past weekend was to spend time with a couple of way back friends.  The Randangler and Vermicelli were in town, and as they are some of my closest and oldest friends, the evenings of Friday and Saturday were spent drinking whiskey and ruminating over the past and where our lives have taken us.  Birding was supposed to be taking a back seat this weekend, but what can be done when a Cape May Warbler shows up in your home county?  I summoned all the strength I had and hit Platt Lane with a substantial contingent of fellow local nerders.  Despite the remnants of blurred vision, the bird was seen by myself and many others after 3 or 4 hours of bushwhacking.  A bonus prize was a Snow x Ross's Goose hybrid on the drying Dillo Dirt.

Cape May Warbler - an outstanding winter record.  No idea why the fuck this bird is here. 
Tons of nerds went looking for this bird.
I apologize for the graininess of these images.  I have failed you. 
Apparent Ross's x Snow Goose hybrid.

And, that's all I've got for now.  See you soon, nerds.


  1. Not bad not bad at all!

    The ghost-face-killer dead-eyed stare of a Bittern, or Heron, is a ver unsettling thing. You know the only thing keeping it from impaling you is the significant disparity in size.
    NIce you could add such a solid warbler to your Hungover List, and pick up some Owls too. That short-eared needs to pull his landing gear.

    I dig the Cape May shots. So many Warbler photos floating around the blogosphere have that quintessential, crisp bird-on-a-stick up close thing going, because people crush the shit out of them in May in Ohio and that's the highest profile presentation of the bird--with good reason. But for this being a crazy winter bird...I dunno, there's something very appropriate about the subdued, quiet and slightly grainy aspect of the photos. I'm going to give you credit for artistic composition.

    1. Hungover list. I should look into that. Might be pretty impressive.

      Thanks for the credit on the CMWA shots. Crushing a were preempted by the large congregation of nerds.

  2. Weird goose. Have yet to see such a hybrid myself. Kinda cool. That SEOW shot might be a shit photo but I like it a lot.

    1. Thanks. Embarrassingly enough, that's the best SEOW shot I have. We flushed three of them, but I couldn't ever get anything worth a damn.